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Welcome to Phunny Physiology!

Phunny Physiology is a website designed by ScientistCindy of www.scientistcindy.com. This site is built on a platform allowing for more interactive content, such as virtual labs, learning games and learning modules.
Today's student is busier and more highly-stressed than seen in past generations. This climate begs for the world of education to evolve. Using my background in Neuroscience, my aim is to provide the student with the information needed to succeed in their courses, in a way that utilizes multiple learning modalities and easy-to-remember content. A multitude of studies have been conducted showing evidence that fun, active student engagement helps the student learn the material FASTER, BETTER and retain it LONGER!


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Ask and Answer Questions!

Never stop questioning.

Why is it that a 4-year old asks "why" 1,000 times a day, but when we get older we have lost that WONDER? I challenge you to be curious, to ask questions, to search for answers.

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Steps to Success

The longest journeys are completed one step at a time.

Move Over Dr Seuss!

Here is some rhyming with a purpose! Fun stories that teach anatomy and physiology with fun characters. Written in the rhyming style of popular children's' author Dr Seuss, but using college-level terminology and teaching college-level concepts.

Mitosis; The Nursery Rhyme Ceo/Co-Founder

the University for its significant role, responsibility and duties.

Verne the Sperm Verne the Sperm

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